Apple Jazz

Apple Jazz is no stranger to the sound of deep house, a signature element at the time. Throughout his career, “Apple Jazz” sets have been diverse and the trend continues unabated. Never fitting a particular mold, he seamlessly incorporates disparate elements of classic dance music—even the occasional dub or Pixies tune—with a sound that’s deep. Apple Jazz set works the dance floor by taking listeners far outside the box. “Apple Jazz” attention to the deeper side of these genres helped him craft a vision that culminated into Black Error Recordings

Apple jazz is sure to continue to startle us as he has from the very beginning as with his first remix, the now-classic scratch on "Jazz Partner". His fusions, clamped to the beat of his unique, thundering kick drum, redefining house music at it's every turn. Apple jazz eventually found himself intrigued with the production element in dance music and soon began to create his own grooves on his one man mix and the rest is House Music History.

During this cultivation, he recognized to form a strong bond and form a crew of two Apple Jazz and Arnold Tempo. The Crew name is Black Jazz under RealDeep Recordings(Chicago). Apple Jazz is now a Deeper Shades of House artist and owns Black Error Recordings. Apple Jazz has released under, Herbal 3 Records, Vida Records, Soul Foundation, Peng Africa, Label worx records  and Soul Shift Music. Apple Jazz has been adding new and interesting layers to the already diverse sound. His recent involvement with Slaga and Naledi worked on a single titled Amadlozi and got nominated on Dance Music Awards under Best underground record   

Black Jazz
Black Jazz jumps headfirst into the Deep House scene. The forgotten magic of early deep house music.

Apple Jazz & Arnold Tempo a deep house music duo in Pretoria, South Africa. The Duo is known for it's original compositions and promises the best of deep house music.

Black Jazz is a small collective of home grown Producers who have been spinning all things Soulful at some of the city's most successful and cutting edge House/Soul nights. We are a collective of local  producers who specialize in playing Deep House music in all its forms.

Daniel Ray 
 Daniel Ray Van Zyl is a South African born electronic music DJ and producer . Daniel took a great liking to electronic music while in school where he started collecting records, and was soon playing in cubs and lounges around ‘ Gauteng ‘ South Africa . He then moved to England and played in London , Brixton and Southampton . He currently lives in Bahrain where he has held a residency  in ‘ Zoe ‘  restaurant , lounge for the past four years , his influences are vast from trip-hop , through jazz , house to drum & bass . Over the years , Daniel has been honing his skills as a producer working on a variety of house and downtempo styles. Daniel endeavors to make deep melodic soundscapes , stemming straight from his heart.

Daniel’s music has been released digitally on record labels in the UK, Germany, Belgium , Russia, Ukraine , US and South Africa . His music has been re-released on Sony’s ‘Erotic Lounge 9 ‘ CD compilation series as well as ‘ Buddha Grooves 6 ‘ .

All of Daniel’s music is available for viewing on Beatport, I-Tunes etc , under artist names ‘ Daniel Ray ‘ and ‘ Placid Larry ‘ . 


The alias "Smoove" was attained from an older brother & was due to a random effort to express the passive & reserved ways of Quinton Parsons as himself - Cool, Calm, Collective & Respective. For all that is good(- -,)best...

That great man above is responsible for throwing him an opportunity ladder, not only did he jump on for dear life, he then began a steady climb towards the musical world & beyond. Through constant praise he mentions: "Thankful, Grateful, Blessed. These are just a few of the words i can use to describe the degree of my humble appreciation for this invaluable ability." - Q$P

  Musical influences include some of the worlds most respected house producers & DJ's including the likes of Atjazz, Rocco, Kerri Chandler, Ralf Gum & Lars Behrenroth just to name a few. It has been over a period of approximately five years that $moove has been in the studio & on the decks which has resulted in practice makes perfect & priceless experience. $moove has played at various venues & events around the Gauteng province of South Africa, the most notable being News Cafe & Dinoko Park in the capital city of Pretoria.

Arnold Tempo

"Brenda D"
With over 15 years of experience on the decks, Brenda D. has risen to the top amongst the Chicago DJ scene. If you know Chicago, its vast history and it's high standards for its disc jockeys, than you know that she is a cut above the rest. Her versatility and ability to adapt to the crowd along with her flawless mixing skills have landed her gigs in nearly every Chicago hotspot playing alongside all of it's hometown heroes.
Make sure and check out 

Soul FoundationDjbrendad for Upcoming events

Her style is a unique blend of all the strains of House. No matter what style Brenda plays that evening, you can bet that it will represent Chicago's voice & soul to the fullest while maintaining its underground integrity. Check out her latest releases on Real Deep Recordings ::: Minuendo ::::: Btmgmusic

 Brian Gardner
Brian Gardner may have discovered his passion for DJing by accident, but his success is far from accidental. As a veteran of the Chicago House music scene for more than 15 years, Gardner has emerged as a versatile DJ and producer who manipulates everything from Deep Soulful House, Jazzy Jackin beats to the harder sounds of Industrial and Minimal Techno. Over the last seventeen years Brian has also brought in an array of top-tier House talent while promoting the underground vibrancy that makes the city's house scene glow at venue's such as Boom Boom Room at Green Dolphin, Ohm, Smart Bar, Moonshine & Darkroom as well as Loft style events. 
Make sure and check out  Soul Foundation ::: Real Deep Recordings ::::: Minuendo ::::: Btmgmusic

Boet Quality
Exkho Alvarez also known as Boet Quality born Moeletse Edwin Ntshere on 30th May 1992 in a village called Ga-rankuwa, grew up in a neighbourhood in Pretoria called Soshanguve. His love for music developed in church where he first started learning how to play the Conga drum at an early childhood. He was raised in an urban suburb isolated from most musical learning opportunities. Instead he would listen to his parent’s records and learn to play the beats to the songs by ear, the lack of any formal music training brought Eckho Alvarez to discover music directly from the heart not the head. Eckho Alvarez/ Boet Quality throughout his career, has explored many sounds and music in order to develop his musicality but what has remained consistent and a core quality of creating the music, lyric and sounds from the heart. It gives it a unique presence where it inspires and reaches out to people touching them in a profound manner. I'm a record producer, recording & performing artist, percussionist, and Dj & Mixing engineer under Alientech Music Group RSA a company which I started myself. I'm also a Deep house/ deep tech producer, DJ & remixer for Apple Jazz's Black Error Recordings co. I learned how to play the Conga at a young age from church, im a Catholic at ST. Peters Roman Catholic Church deep in the depths of Pretoria. 2019 marks my 14th year beat making & producing. Through the relationship i established with Apple Jazz my second release through his label would be a single titled "D.L.L." acronym for Daddy Long Legs.
On this song i worked with Baba Nakasaki Katana & Kuniyuki Takahashi's new signee Uni Dgeof.

Signed to no major just a kid from Soshanguve Pretoria with a Godly vision and nothing but an international dream


Poifo Mogomana is a musician and producer from South Africa.

A seasoned performer with a number of monikers under his belt, Moonu being his
Recent brainchild and already securing a release deal with House Label Black Error
Recordings (run by heavyweight producer Apple Jazz) is testament to his incredible
Moonu as a persona comes from afro-centric philosophies, culture, historical events
Literature, art and music fused with euro-technological themes, artisticly
Combining two worlds with music.
Being born during the post apartheid era, many influences of counter culture themes
filled the mainstream and underground media and many young South Africans fell
under the influences. Music became appealing to many young people especially the
more underground forms of music like HipHop, Kwaito and House which were
products of counter culture and Poifo as a young South African grew his love for
music like most of his peers with influences from popular culture.
A multi genre artist Poifo has worked and performed on numerous occasions with different acts
as a different  act. Starting out as a rapper performing as Sheby Da Co, recording
with fellow hometown artists and serving out his own solo projects his notable
collaborators are Alvares, Sgi Magalela, Flame and Patmedic.
King P



Afrocomma Sekhobela Skhova

Afrocomma Ntshere Caswell